วันเกิด : 19 ฤดูร้อน
อาศัยอยู่ที่: Pelican Town
ที่อยู่: 24 Mountain Road
ครอบครัว: Robin Icon.png Robin (Wife)

Maru Icon.png Maru (Daughter)

Sebastian Icon.png Sebastian (Step-Son)

แต่งงาน: ไม่ได้
“I’m studying the local plants and animals from my home laboratory. Have you met my daughter Maru? She’s interested to meet you.”
— Demetrius




Time Location
9:00 AM Home kitchen
11:20 AM Home laboratory
2:40 PM Front door of home
3:50 PM Stands near mountain
7:40 PM Home kitchen
9:20 PM Home bedroom


Time Location
12:30 มาที่น้ำพุ


Time Location
5:00 PM อยู่ทางตะวันออกเฉียงใต้ของบ้าน

Rainy Day

Time Location
9:00 AM Home laboratory
6:10 PM Home kitchen
8:20 PM Home bedroom

Time Location
9:00 AM At home in kitchen
11:00 AM Starts heading to fountain.
12:30 PM มาที่น้ำพุ
7:30 PM Start heading home
8:00 PM กลับบ้านล๊อคประตู


Time Location
11:00 AM อยู่ที่น้ำพุ
7:00 PM Leaves fountain, heads home
7:30 PM กลับบ้านไปที่ห้องครัว


Time Location
7:00 PM Leaves fountain, heading home


Time Location
4:20 PM เดินจากร้าน Pierre ไปทางกลับบ้านของเขา
5:50 PM Arrives at home


Time Location
10:50 PM กลับบ้านกับ Robin


Time Location
8:00 PM กลับบ้าน

Time Location
1:00 PM At bridge that crosses the river to the mines

Time Location
6:00 PM Leaves lab and walks to kitchen
6:30 PM Stands in kitchen


Time Location
3:00 PM Leaves lab and walks to front room
3:20 PM Stands behind counter next to Robin in front room


Demetrius แต่งงานกับ Robin และอยู่กับ Maru ลูกสาวของเขา และลูกเลี้ยง Sebastian.


Quest Name Requirements Quest Text Quest Summary Provided By Requirements Rewards
Delivery Summer; 2 Days I’d like to put a Pufferfish on my shelf. Please deliver it some time today.-Demetrius ตอบรับเควสที่บอร์ดเควส จบเควสโดยการนำ Pufferfish 1 ตัว ให้ Demetrius ภายใน 2 วัน สามารถตก Pufferfish ได้ที่ Ocean Help Wanted Fishing 600g; Makes Demetrius happy


Birthday (Summer 19)

“You remembered my birthday! Thank you. This is great.”


“You’re giving this to me? This is amazing!”

Universal Loves

รูป ชื่อ คำอธิบาย Source Ingredients
Bean Hotpot.png Bean Hotpot It sure is healthy. Cooking Green Bean.png Green Bean (2)
Rice Pudding.png Rice Pudding It’s creamy, sweet, and fun to eat. Cooking Milk.png Milk (1) Sugar.png Sugar (1) Rice.png Rice (1)
Ice Cream.png Ice Cream Everyone likes this. Cooking or ice cream shop Milk.png Milk (1) Sugar.png Sugar (1)
Strawberry.png Strawberry A sweet, juicy favorite with an appealing red color. FarmingSpring


“Thank you! This is a very interesting specimen.”

Universal Likes

All Eggs

All Fruits

รูป ชื่อ คำอธิบาย Source Ingredients
Earth Crystal.png Earth Crystal A resinous substance found near the surface Minerals
Purple Mushroom.png Purple Mushroom A rare mushroom found deep in caves. The MinesThe Cave
Corn.png Corn One of the most popular grains. The sweet, fresh cobs are a summer favorite. FarmingSummer/Fall
Salmonberry.png Salmonberry A spring-time berry with the flavor of the forest. ForagingSpring
Pizza.png Pizza It’s popular for all the right reasons. Cooking Wheat Flour.png Wheat Flour (1)Tomato.png Tomato (1) Cheese.png Cheese (1)
Honey.png Honey It’s a sweet syrup produced by bees. Bee House
Hot Pepper.png Hot Pepper Fiery hot with a hint of sweetness. FarmingSummer
Mayonnaise.png Mayonnaise It looks spreadable. Mayonnaise Machine Egg.png Egg (1)
Melon.png Melon A cool, sweet summer treat. FarmingSummer
Parsnip.png Parsnip A spring tuber closely related to the carrot. It has an earthy taste and is full of nutrients. FarmingSpring
Coconut.png Coconut A seed of the coconut palm. It has many culinary uses. The Desert
Tulip.png Tulip The most popular spring flower. Has a very faint sweet smell. Farming


“That was very thoughtful of you.”
รูป ชื่อ คำอธิบาย Source Ingredients
Duck Feather.png Universal Neutral Various items that elicit a neutral response from the villagers
Milk.png All Milk Milk • Large Milk • Goat Milk • L. Goat Milk CowGoat
Daffodil.png Daffodil A traditional spring flower that makes a nice gift. Foraging – Spring
Clam.png Clam Someone lived here once. ForagingBeachCrab Pot


“…What is this?”

Universal Dislikes (except salmonberry)

รูป ชื่อ คำอธิบาย Source
Clay.png Clay Put in a furnace to make a clay pot. Foraging – Hoe
Quartz.png Quartz A clear crystal commonly found in caves and mines. Foraging – Mines
Alamite.png Alamite Its distinctive fluorescence makes it a favorite among rock collectors. Mining
Solar Essence.png Solar Essence The glowing face is warm to the touch. Mining
Battery Pack.png Battery Pack It’s fully charged with precious energy. Lightning Rod


“This is disgusting.”

Universal Hates

รูป ชื่อ คำอธิบาย Source
Stone.png Stone A useful material when broken with the Pickaxe. Mining


When your total earnings reach 25000g Demetrius will come by your farm in the morning and tell you about some research he needs help with. He will then volunteer to improve The Cave to either attract Fruit Bats or to produce Mushrooms.

Heart Events


After reaching 3 hearts with Demetrius he will begin to send you recipes in the mail.

คำอธิบาย Recipe
(Name),I wanted to say ‘thanks’ for taking an interest in my work. Here’s a cooking recipe that I like.


Fried Mushroom.png Fried Mushroom
I wanted to say ‘thanks’ for taking an interest in my work. Here’s a cooking recipe that I like.-Demetrius Autumn's Bounty.png Autumn’s Bounty

Two Hearts

Two Hearts.png

Four Hearts

Four Hearts.png

Six Hearts

Six Hearts.png

After entering their house, you’ll see that him and Robin had a bit of a misunderstanding. She had asked him to go get fruit, and he got tomatoes. She exclaims that tomatoes are not what he should have thought when she said fruit, and that he should have picked up a “real” fruit. He defends by saying tomatoes are indeed a fruit and his mistake is reasonable, and he will ask the player to choose what they consider tomatoes.

Eight Hearts

Eight Hearts.png

Ten Hearts

Ten Hearts.png