Journey of the Prairie King

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Journey of the Prairie King is a game playable on the arcade machine in The Saloon. Abigail also possesses a console version of the game that she will play with you during an event once you have raised your relationship level with her.

Gameplay consists of a top-down shooter, resembling “twin-stick” shooters.


moves the character and

shoots. Shots can also be fired diagonally by combining two “fire” keys. There are three zones, beginning in a desert, then moving to a forest, and finally to a castle.Please note that none of the powerups or enemies are referenced by any name in-game, so they have been named by members of the community.


As you kill enemies, they have a chance to drop power-ups that have various effects to help you through the level or coins. Luck from the Fortune Teller and food bonus affects the drop rate of power-ups and coins. As you pick up power-ups, they are stored in the box in the top-left corner. If you collect a power-up while one is stored in this box, it will automatically be consumed and you gain the effects.

รูป ชื่อ คำอธิบาย
JOPK Coffee.png Coffee Increases your movement speed.
JOPK Life.png Extra Life Looks like the characters head. Adds one to your life total. (Note: Game Over occurs at -1 lives.)
JOPK MachineGun.png Machine Gun Your fire-rate increases significantly; your bullets come out in a hose-like fashion.
JOPK Nuke.png Nuke Instantly destroys all enemies on-screen. Enemies killed like this do not drop upgrades.
JOPK Shotgun.png Shotgun You fire three bullets at once in a cone in the direction you fire.
JOPK SmokeBomb.png Smoke Bomb Teleports your character to a random spot on-screen and gives your character stealth. While stealthed, enemies will stand still with question-marks above their head. Enemies will continue to spawn, building up inside the spawn zones.
JOPK Star.png Star Increases your fire-rate, increases your movement speed, and causes you to fire in a cone. Effectively combines the machine gun, shotgun and coffee into one convenient, deadly pickup.
JOPK Tombstone.png Tombstone A bolt of lightning strikes your character, turning you into a zombie for a brief amount of time. You gain movement speed and kill on contact, enemies flee from you, and a brief sound clip plays in the background. This form lasts as long as the music plays. You can still shoot as normal in this form. After the music stops, you return to normal.
JOPK Wheel.png Wheel Your shots fire in all possible directions at once.


Every two levels, a shopkeeper will walk in from the top of the screen and offer three upgrades to you. You can purchase one per shopkeeper appearance, and each upgrade will last until game over. These upgrades are bought with coins dropped from enemies, which come in JOPKCoin1.png and JOPKCoin5.png denominations, the JOPKCoin5.png coins being very rare.

รูป ชื่อ Purchase Price คำอธิบาย
JOPK Boots1.png Boots JOPKCoin1.png8g Upgrades movement speed.
JOPK Boots2.png JOPKCoin1.png20g
JOPK Gun1.png Gun JOPKCoin1.png10g Increases shooting speed.
JOPK Gun2.png JOPKCoin1.png20g
JOPK Gun3.png JOPKCoin1.png30g
JOPK Gun4.png JOPKCoin1.png40?g
JOPK Ammo1.png Ammo JOPKCoin1.png15g Increases bullet damage. If a bullet destroys an enemy with with damage left over, it will keep going until its damage is depleted, allowing you to kill at least two weak enemies with one bullet. Mushrooms from Zone 2 can be killed in one hit on the first upgrade, and with a second upgrade so can the Mummies in the final world.
JOPK Ammo2.png JOPKCoin1.png30g
JOPK Ammo3.png JOPKCoin1.png45?g


All enemies will kill the player upon contact.

รูป ชื่อ HP คำอธิบาย Appears in
Baddy1.gif Orc 1 The weakest enemy. Walks slowly towards the player, often spawning in large numbers. Stage 1 (areas 1-4)
Baddy7.gif Spikeball 2 (10 deployed) Enters the area, walks to a location in an area between the middle and the perimeter, and deploys into an armored spikeball. While they can hurt the player, whether deployed or undeployed, it can be beneficial to leave some around for crowd control, as they block enemy movement. Stage 1 (areas 2-4)
Baddy3.gif Ogre 3 Moves slowly, but soaks up damage. Stage 1 (areas 3-4), Stage 2 (areas 1-4)
Baddy6.gif Mushroom 2 Moves quickly, and can outrun a player without speed upgrades. Stage 2 (areas 1-4)
Baddy2.gif Pixie 1 The first flying enemy. Can spawn anywhere on the perimeter and fly towards the player. Stage 2 (areas 1-4)
Baddy4.gif Mummy 4? Moves slowly and soaks up a lot of damage. Spawns in large hordes. Stage 3 (areas 1-4)
Baddy5.gif Imp 2? A flying enemy that can spawn anywhere on the perimeter, seeking the player. Stage 3 (areas 1-4)


  • Once the player finds enough lost books, a book will be available in the northern end of the library that reads,

    “Journey of the Prairie King — The Smash Hit Video Game! Did you know? Anyone who beats ‘ Journey of the Prairie King’ is automatically entered into a drawing for a special prize! Did you know? The developer has stated that the protagonist is based on a real-life character… A true cowboy hero from a prairie-island in the Gem Sea!”

  • There is a bug in the game that prevents player progression under certain circumstances: If the nuke power-up is used during the first boss fight, the enemy will vanish from the screen but the stage will not end. This situation can be escaped from by hitting esc, which will close the game and return you to The Saloon.